Highlighted lender for June

Posted Thursday, Jun 09, 2022

For the month of June we want to highlight one of our Preferred lenders: AmeriCredit. In 2010 GMAC (now Ally Financial) acquired AmeriCredit to service customers with less than perfect credit. Because not all of our customers feature that perfect credit score we are happy to have this lender on board! That means that you; our valued customers; have even more options in getting your purchase financed. Because AmeriCredit is a subsidiary of General Motors we also have access to their GAP; Service Contract and Appearance Protection plan.

What we as a dealership particularly enjoy is a fantastic working relationship with Doug our regional manager and Tamara our buyer. This good relationship ensures me that even if we run into an initial decline; Tamara will give me a way to go with the deal. Switching vehicles or a slight increase of down payment for example. If the deal makes sense; we will be able to do it!


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Benefits for you if you have an AmeriCredit approvals:

  1. Approvals are good for 30 days.
  2. You have access to GM backed warranty.
  3. 100% effort from our buyer to get you approved.
  4. If we believe in you; so will AmeriCredit.
  5. Competitive rates!
  6. Common sense lending.
  7. Work your deal 100% online.
  8. 480 credit up to 900 credit scores.