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Posted Monday, Jan 30, 2023

Online Car Shopping process

Buy your car online

It's January 30th 2023 and by the time of writing this post we have successfully implemented our 100% online shopping option. Shopping for a 'new' used vehicle has never been more transparent. At ADL Auto Sales we have always implemented a fair business practice; meaning you pay the price you see online. The price you see is our haggle and hassle free offer! A Warranty and or Gap are elective products and are not a MUST TAKE item. It also does not matter if you bring your own financing; cash or if you need our help financing your purchase. For that reason it was a natural option for us to extend these deals to our online customers.

To optimize this shopping process for our customers we have hired experienced consultants. These new staff members will help you navigate through the online shopping process. 1 Person will talk to you from A to Z. You will not be switched off to managers; finance managers.. You deal with 1 person only!

Want to 'test drive' this new program? Simply visit our website and reach out to Tom or Ben.

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